Eat Pray Surf. My Experience with Solo Female Surf Travel

  Solo travel is something I would scrawl on a prescription pad and hand to the nearest person suffering from a mid-life/existential crisis. It’s the perfect cure for the twenty-first century burnout. After years of avoiding or ignoring your issues, I guarantee you solo travel will make you confront them. Although for me, the whole…

Surfer Profile: Tia Blanco

Tia Blanco represents the new generation of water women. A surfer, social influencer, vegan and yogi; Blanco is one of the faces redefining women’s competitive surfing. I first stumbled across Blanco through YouTube. It was a video of Blanco in the kitchen whipping up her pre-surf smoothie and discussing veganism. I was impressed – a…

Art from the Air

Travelling through Western Australia makes you aware of space. Wide open space.

You can drive hours through stretches of sleepy seaside ports, towering Karri forests and flat, red earth and pass very few people.