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Allanna Mitchell, Seasick

I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s suitable for both seafarers and landlovers alike as it explores the current issues affecting the ocean. The book follows Mitchell’s journey in from an island off the Great Barrier Reef to a submarine in the darkest depths of the sea. She speaks with scientists and professionals in marine research to better understand the ocean’s state of crisis. You don’t need to be a scientist to understand the message and you don’t need to be a hero to implement day-to-day strategies to promote a healthy sea. Find more of Mitchell’s works here.


Save our Seas online magazine

The seasonal instalments of Save Our Seas online mag never disappoint. The mag is an easy read that keeps you updated on the organisations recent campaigns providing news and profiles of do-er’s in the marine conservation world. Find it here. 



There are two fantastic documentaries from the late Rob Stewart that explore the many facets of ocean conservation. Read my thanks to Rob Stewart here.

Sharkwater: Sharkwater looks at the sheer magnitude of the illegal shark finning industry – think on the scale of the market for illicit drugs – and the issues surrounding the subsequent law enforcement. One of the highlights of the film is when Stewart joins Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd team in combatting shark finning off the Galapogus Islands. There is ramming of boats and spraying down poachers with fire hoses. This is activism and the policing of the sea at it’s best.  Watch it here. 


Revolution: Stewart takes a broader look at the current state of the environment and demonstrates the link between oceans and land. Revolution provides a more holistic approach to environmentalism and stresses the importance of conservation in order to sustain the earth to continue life itself. Watch it here.


A Plastic Ocean: This film begins with a search for the illusive Blue Whale; the biggest creature on earth, yet so rarely captured on film. As the search is underway filmmakers Craig Leeson and Tanya Streeter begin to notice something a little more ubiquitous than the big Blue – the extent of plastic pollution in our oceans. The film explores our addiction to a lifestyle of disposables and the devastating effects this is having on the sea. Watch it here.


Sea Shepherd Operation Jeedara : The Great Australian Bight is a stretch of untouched cliffs, sacred land for the Mirning people and one of the largest humpback whale nurseries worldwide. In 2011, the Australian government agreed to allow BP to build an oilrig along this very coastline, a potentially disastrous decision. With the impeding threat of erection, Sea Shepherd sent the Steve Irwin vessel to the Great Australian Bight to spread awareness and display the delicate beauty of the region.
Currently screening in cinemas around you. Find out where. 


Check out these conservation organisations // influencers.

Plastic Pollution Coalition 

Save Our Seas 

Sea Shepherd

Madison Stewart

Surfrider Foundation



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