this plastic bag with a bite out of it serves a reminder why we need to #banthebag

So today I went for a walk down my local beach. If I saw any rubbish I’d do the #take3forthesea and take 3 (or more) pieces of litter.

I found the usual suspects… a beer can, bait bag, plastic from a fishing rod, some styrofoam and a drink bottle lid.


Now correct me if I’m wrong, but this plastic bag I found also washed up on the beach appears to have had a curious fellow take a chomp out of it.



The photos don’t really serve it justice. The ‘bite’ goes directly through the bag with a perfect jaw mark ‘flap’ left behind.

I’d assume a shark or another sharp-toothed animal has taken a bite, stretched the plastic a little and spat it out.

This serves as a perfect example of the environmental impact single-use plastic has. If you litter, there’s a good chance it will end up in waterways and eventually, in the ocean.

Did you know: almost 90% of floating material in the water is plastic?

Check out this clip by the Plastic Pollution Coalition for some stats and more information on #banningthebag.


Another great initiative to take a stand against single-use plastic is the Surfrider Foundation’s ‘Rise Above Plastics’ campaign.  Within the campaign, Surfrider has implemented local clean-ups at beaches across the globe, where anyone can get involved and actively participate in clearing waterways from plastic pollution.

Surfrider Australia’s ‘Rise Above Plastic’ Activist Resource Kit is available for free PDF download here with plenty of quality advice on making the transition to plastic-free living.




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